About Me.

Chrystal always wanted to become a DJ and now she is.

As a miller’s daughter, she knows how grain turns into flour, how coarse is ground to fine. The passionate storyteller only selects the very fine-made and expressive tracks, which cause little wonders in her, to let them then crystallise in her DJ sets. In this way, she just wants to “open people up so they can feel themselves and let themselves be open to somebody else” (Nina Simone).

Her inner sparkles translate into rhythms and frequencies that polarise between fragility and strength, stagnancy and progression, despair and hope. For her, this is the beauty of being – the perfect imperfection. 

Her imaginative sound travels use a musical range from soulful Electronica to Deep, Progressive and Acid House, IDM and Trip Hop. Chrystal Chris is being influenced by artists like Max Cooper, Rival Consoles, Jon Hopkins, Kiasmos and Four Tet. In her live performances, she wows the audience with a rousing performance and her literal bounce.

She has found her homebase in Berlin in 2017 where she finds inspiration from the diverse music community. In August 2019 she released her first track ‘Beary Me!’ on her own label Kolibri Sinfonie. As Saphear she teams up with violinist Sawatzki who improvises to her DJ sets. Last but not least, she belongs to the collective Kybele that focuses on highlighting female-identified DJs and music producers.